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True ode to finesse...


Hybrid-1 C33

New trendy shapes available in new colors, for a new style !


Contour-3G IK9

A new look, but a recognizable style !


3500 points of sale in France

Minima frames are sold in more than 3500 shops in France and available in more than 80 countries

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How Minima began

In the early 1990s, a man named Maurice Timon, made the following observation : for the vast majority of people, wearing glasses is a necessity, not a pleasure. While optician’s shops were all selling the same styles of frames, he took a more than audacious gamble: manufacture a totally different style of eyewear, which in his opinion, would finally satisfy the true needs of consumers. He would make them as minimalistic as possible, whilst equiping them with a cutting-edge technology, rendering them elegant, discreet, fuctional and comfortable to wear. The name Minima was unequivoquably self-explanatory. The year is 1994: mission accomplished. Over twenty years later, and the brand Minima is available in over 80 countries, with more than 4000 retail outlets in France.
The collections have grown and adapted steadily over the years, as fashion has evolved and eyewear is now customized. Minima has followed these market evolutions, while upholding its mission statement and identity: creating high-tech products of high-end quality, totally inline with the needs and well-being of the those who wear glasses. Minima, of course!

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